And so it begins.

by Lady Day

Hey, lady!

I just found this awesome blog and I emailed you and said, “Check out these righteous, foul-mouthed ol’ ladies tearing strips off dumbass conservatives!” And, you were all like, “We need a blog like that.” And, I was like:

…So, if I just happened to create a little WordPress blog and made you and me administrators, and anonymized us and our institution, and occasionally posted to it when angry or impressed or whatever, maybe you would too? No pressure at all. And probably it wouldn’t turn into anything and nobody would ever see it, but you never know…
And, like, maybe we could call it Hey, lady! and we could write back and forth to each other (as time permits, no pressure at all) about feminism, academe, kids, food, asshole drivers, politics, etc. and begin each post with Hey, lady!

Then, I didn’t even wait for your reply. And now we no longer need a blog like that.

Your friend,

Lady Day

One Comment to “And so it begins.”

  1. Hey Lady!
    You are a spicey meatball pushing ahead with this kick-ass blog before I was even back in my office (I was at the optometrist when I sent that email….). Ok. Let’s do it. Too late, I know, but I like the sense of agency that gives me. So feminism, academe, kids, food, asshole drivers, politics etc it is. I’m glad I have a friend called Lady Day.

    Your friend,
    Lady Di

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