And so it continues

by Lady Di

Hey Lady!

I went to see Angela McRobbie at Insert-rich-dude’s-name-here University last night. She gave this very compelling paper that analayzed Neoliberalism, feminism and the family. It got me thinking about the intersection of family politics (at the micro level), the state and leisure. I wanted to shift some of her ideas into more of a third wave analysis, but overall throughly enjoyed her ideas and analysis. But my take-away from last night was not only related to her substantive ideas, but also her presentation style. I am intrigued…maybe even fascinated by female academics (especially of her generation as the numbers of female professors would have been even lower than they are currently) who are unapologetically smart and confident without being arrogant. Dr. McRobbie’s cool confidence was as compelling as her ideas. We’ve come a long way baby!

Your friend,

Lady Di

3 Comments to “And so it continues”

  1. Hey, lady!

    I’m sorry I missed Angela McRobbie’s talk. I was at the local NDP AGM, which was mostly just procedure procedure procedure until federal leadership candidate Martin Singh arrived. I really didn’t know anything about him before last night, but he’s kind of awesome, and seems like a perfect microcosm of Canada. He’s of Indian origin and wears the traditional Sikh headdress, beard and ceremonial dagger. But his family’s been living in rural eastern Nova Scotia since the 18th century. He speaks with a very faint maritime accent and has the folksy charm and humour often associated with the maritimes, not to mention a huge, irrepressible smile. He’s dead smart, but not showy about it, and seems like a genuinely nice guy. He won’t win the leadership race, but he will run for a seat in the next federal election. It will be great to have him in Parliament.

    But back to your point about female academics who combine smarts and confidence but are devoid of arrogance. Who else besides McRobbie comes to mind for you as meeting this description? It would be fun to make a list. Off the top of my head, my list would include Sally Haslanger, Ann Garry, and Samantha Brennan. I’m sure there are plenty more, but these are the first three who spring to mind. It’s worth remarking though that several women academics sprang to my mind who only satisfy two of the three criteria: either smarts and no arrogance, or smarts and confidence.

    Do you think this combination is more common among women academics than men?

    Your friend,
    Lady Day

  2. Hey Lady!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. You ask a good question Lady Day. In some ways I want to say yes, this combination (smarts, confidence, lack of arrogance) is more common in women…but I agree a number of female academics sprang to mind that only fulfilled two of the three criteria. Having said that, I think WAY too often male academics wear arrogance too comfortably. I can’t tell you the number of times I have thought to myself “how the fuck did he get so confident?” (and there is the first F-bomb). I don’t find myself asking that of female academics as often or even with the same intensity. To the list I would add Sue Shaw, Heather Mair, Jean Kilbourne and you Lady Day.

    Your friend,
    Lady Di
    ps – this blog is additive! What have we started Lady Day?

  3. “To the list I would add Sue Shaw, Heather Mair, Jean Kilbourne and you Lady Day.”

    Well, ain’t that neighbourly of you. Well, right back atcha, Lady!

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